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Filiberto Bilotti is the author or co-author of more than 350 papers in international journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters. To browse the complete list of publications, use the links below.


Journal papers

Book chapters

Conference papers


Filiberto Bilotti is also active in technology transfer in terms of development, deployment and commercialisation of patents. The list of the patents filed, where F. Bilotti results as an inventor, is reported below.


  1. Patent n. 0001405090 "Dual-polarized switched beam antenna for radio-communications" filed by Telecom Italia S.p.A. (publication 02/10/2012, acceptance 16/12/2013)
  2. Patent n. 0001409483 "Low noise-figure aperture antenna" filed by "Roma Tre" University (publication 04/07/2013, acceptance 05/08/2014)

Patent applications

  1. 2012 - Patent application n. US201313733503, EP2613408 (A1), EP2613408 (A9) US2013169500 (A1), JP2013141251 (A)  "Low noise-figure aperture antenna" filed by "Roma Tre" University