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Electromagnetic Field Theory II



Part IBasic concepts of electromagnetic field theory. Maxwell's equations and boundary conditions. Complex notation and polarization. Fundamental theorems. Vector potentials. Free-space Green's function. Hertz dipole. Radiation. Electromagnetic uniform/non-uniform waves. Phase and group velocity.

Constitutive relations and material classification (bi-anisotropic, anisotropic, bi-isotropic, isotropic): linear/non-linear, homogeneous/non-homogeneous, stationary/non-stationary, local/non-local, dispersive/non-dispersive materials. Constitutive parameters in the frequency and wave-number domain. Causality and Kramers-Kronig relations.  

Part IITransmission lines. Introduction to transmission lines. Transmission line equations and solutions. Primary and secondary parameters of transmission lines. Reflection and transmission coefficients. VSWR. Matching stubs and matching strategies. Smith's chart and its applications.

Part IIIPlane-wave propagation. Propagation of plane-waves in unbounded linear, homogeneous and stationary media. Dispersion equation. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Propagation of plane-waves in uniaxial materials. Propagation of plane-waves in bi-axial materials. Propagation of plane-waves in ferrites and chiral materials.

Part IV – Planar waveguides. Analysis and guided modes of a planar asymmetric dielectric slab. Analysis and guided modes of a planar symmetric dielectric slab. Analysis and guided modes of a grounded dielectric slab. Surface plasmon polaritons: analysis and dispersion equation. Transverse resonance method.

Part V – Metallic waveguides. Introduction to microwave engineering. The electromagnetic spectrum. Frequency bands and applications. Microwaves. Transverse-longitudinal field decomposition. TE, TM, TEM waves. Open and closed metallic and dielectric waveguides. Waveguide properties (phase velocity, group velocity, attenuation, characteristic impedance, etc.) Eigenvalues and eigenmodes. Rectangular waveguides. Circular waveguides. Coaxial waveguides. Microstrip line.


Course information

Semester: First Semester (October-January)

Days and Hours:

  • Monday   11:00 - 13:00
  • Thursday 10:00 - 12:00

Room: DS-1


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