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Book chapters

2024 (1 chapter)
  1. M. Barbuto, F. Bilotti, A. Monti, D. Ramaccia, A. Toscano, S. Vellucci, "Recent advancements in microwave MTM-powered application-oriented systems and devices" in Metamaterials by Design - Theory, Technologies, and Vision, Edited by A. Alù, N. Engheta, A. Massa, G. Oliveri, Chapter 5, pp. 115-146, SPIE Photonic Materials and Applications Series, Elsevier, 2024 (ISBN 978-0-323-99985-4) 
2023 (1 chapter)
  1. M. Barbuto, A. Monti, D. Ramaccia, S. Vellucci, A. Toscano, F. Bilotti "Scattering from Reconfigurable Metasurfaces and Their Applications" in Adventures in Contemporary Electromagnetic Theory, Edited by T.G. Mackay, A. Lakhtakia, pp. 361-387, Springer, 2023 (ISBN 978-3-031-24616-6)
2021 (1 chapter)
  1. G. Oliveri, M. Salucci, M.A. Hannan, A. Monti, S. Vellucci, F. Bilotti, A. Toscano, A. Massa, "Engineered metamaterials through the Material-by-Design approach" in Metamaterials Technology and Applications, Edited By Pankaj K. Choudhury, Chapter 3, pp. 61-82, CRC Press, 2021 (ISBN 9780367505080, DOI: 10.1201/9781003050162-3).
2017 (1 chapter)
  1. S. Scafè, F. Bilotti, A. Garibbo, "Metamaterials" in Technology Trends Digest: A selection of technologies that are to revolutionize our lives Second Edition, Chapter 4, pp. 51-61, The POLARIS Innovation Journal Paperbacks Ed., 2017.
2016 (1 chapter)
  1. M. Barbuto, F. Bilotti, A. Monti, D. Ramaccia, A. Toscano, "Engineered electromagnetic surfaces and their applications" in Advanced Surface Engineering Materials, Edited by A. Tiwari, R. Wang, B. Wei, Chapter 4, pp. 141-173, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken, New Jersey, and Scrivener Publishing LLC, Beverly, Massachusetts., 2016.
2013 (1 chapter)
  1. F. Bilotti, and S. Tretyakov, "Amorphous metamaterials and potential nanophotonics applications," in Amorphous Nanophotonics, Chapter 2, pp. 39-66, Edited by Toralf Scharf and Carsten Rockstuhl, Springer, 2013.
2011 (2 chapters)
  1. F. Bilotti, S. Tricarico, and L. Vegni, "Scattering cancellation approach to cloaking: actual implementation and recent advancements," in Selected Topics in Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials, Ch. 10, pp. 285-302, Eds. A. Andreone, A. Cusano, A. Cutolo, V. Galdi, World Scientific Pub., Singapore 2011
  2. F. Bilotti, L. Scorrano, K.B. Alici, K. Aydin, O.A. Cakmak, E. Ozbay, and L. Vegni, "Enhanced transmission through sub-wavelength apertures by using metamaterials," in Selected Topics in Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials, Ch. 16, pp. 453-477, Eds. A. Andreone, A. Cusano, A. Cutolo, V. Galdi, World Scientific Pub., Singapore 2011
2010 (1 chapter)
  1. S. Tricarico, F. Bilotti, and L. Vegni, "Metamaterial characterization through effective parameter retrieval," in Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics Series - Vol. 34: Computer Field Models of Electromagnetic Devices, Ch. 6, pp. 828-835, Eds. S. Wiak and E. Napieralska-Juszczak, IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010
2009 (2 chapters)
  1. F. Bilotti and L. Vegni, "Design of metamaterial-based resonant microwave absorbers with reduced thickness and absence of a metallic backing," in Metamaterials and plasmonics: fundamentals, modeling, applications, pp. 165-174, Ed. S. Zouhdi, A. Sihvola, and A. Vinogradov, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series – B: Physics and Biophysics, Springer, The Netherlands, 2009
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2007 (1 chapter)
  1. A. Alù, F. Bilotti, N. Engheta, and L. Vegni, "Employing Metamaterial Layers to Increase Wave Transmission through a Sub-Wavelength Hole in a Flat Perfectly Conducting Screen," in New frontiers in radiation phenomena: a tribute to Arthur Oliner, F. Frezza and P. Lampariello Editors, Edizioni Borgia, pp. 121-128, December 2007
2006 (1 chapter)
  1. Alù, F. Bilotti, N. Engheta, L. Vegni, "A review on the potential use of metamaterial layers for increasing the transmission through a single sub-wavelength aperture in a flat opaque screen," Chapter 10 (pp. 271-291) in Periodic Structures, edited by M. Bozzi and L. Perregrini, Kerala, India, 2006
2003 (1 chapter)
  1. L. Vegni, A, Alù, and F. Bilotti, "Electromagnetic Field Solution in Curved Structures with Local Bianisotropic Loading Media," in S. Zouhdi, A. Sihvola, and M. Arsalane, Advances in Electromagnetics of Complex Media and Metamaterials, NATO Science Series Book Vol. 89, Kluwer Academic Publisher, The Netherlands, 2003, pp. 439-448