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Research Collaborations


  • Prof. L. Kempel, Michighan State University, USA (2002-present) Research activities on i) extension of the finite element method for the study of cavity antennas loaded with complex electromagnetic materials, ii) experimental realization of epsilon near-zero metamaterials by using plasma tube technology, iii) measurement of the constitutive parameters of artificial electromagnetic materials.
  • Prof. E. Ozbay, Nanotechnology Research Centre, Bilkent University, Turkey (2004-present) Research activities on the fabrication and experimental characterization of artificial magnetic materials and on passive microwave components based on metamaterials.
  • Prof. S. Tretyakov, Aalto University, Finland (2004-present) Research activities on i) miniaturization of microstrip antennas by using artificial magnetic materials, ii) cloaking devices working at microwave frequencies based on different approaches, iii) applications of nano-structured metamaterials at optical frequencies.
  • Prof. A. Alù, University of Texas at Austin, USA (2009-present) Research activities on i) design of cloaking devices at microwave and optical frequencies, ii) reduction of the mutual bloackage between two antennas by using the mantle cloaking approach.
  • Prof. S. Hrabar, Zagreb University, Croatia (2012-present) Research activities on the design and actual implementation of wire medium lenses to enhance the performances of microwave horn antennas.
  • Prof. L. Sevgi, Dogus University, Turkey (2010-present) Research activities on the design of numerical tools to simulate the electromagnetic performances of metamaterial-based components.
  • Prof. N. Engheta, University of Pennsylvania, USA (2002-2007) Research activities on the application of metamaterials in microwave components.
  • Prof. F. Martin, Universitàt Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain (2007-2009) Research activities on the miniaturization of magnetic resonators for artificial magnetic materials.
  • Prof. J. Romeu, Polytechnic University of Barcelona, Spain (2007-2008) Research activities on the synthesis of spiral inclusions to implement artificial magnetic materials and artificial magnetic conductors.
  • Prof. F. Urbani, University of Texas at Brownsville, USA (2002-2006) Research activities on non-uniform transmission lines and active antennas.